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For Sale:

Square Feet:

1,276 sq.ft.





Sales Price:


Down Payment:


Interest Rate:

10.0% for 30 years

Monthly Payment:



3 Bedroom 2 Bath home in Van. Although it does need a little work and possible updates, the price of this home makes it a great buy for anyone willing to invest with sweat equity. Just 10% down and owner financing makes this the perfect place for a family that may not qualify for a traditional bank loan. Just call Margarita at 972-521-1989 and make arrangements to see your next home.
After making on time payments for a minimum of 6 months you may qualify for outside bank financing if you choose. This will reduce your interest rate but will also require additional money for closing and down payment. You may also make additional payments toward the principal of your owner financed mortgage which will reduce your total amount paid over the life of the mortgage due to early allocation of funds toward the principal balance.

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