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Save $5,000 to $50,000 on Your Next Home Purchase

As a community service, Owner Finance Homes is offering a FREE workshop, Save $5,000 to $50,000 On Your Next Home Purchase. This workshop will take each participant through all the aspects of purchasing your next home, whether it is your first or fiftieth. We will share the tools of the trade we use when looking for investment homes, how we purchase the homes at below market value, and how we determine what needs to be repaired or remodeled.

Some of the topics that will be covered during this FREE workshop are:

Should you buy or rent/lease? Which provides the best economic and lifestyle choice for you? We will look at the factors to consider before making this decision.

What do I really need in a house? What do I want and how important are my wants versus my needs? Most people never understand the difference between wants and needs and end up trying to buy a house that meets all their wants. Oftentimes, this leads to buying a far more expensive house than they can afford.

Before you start any home buying process, pull your credit reports and check them carefully. It is important to know what your credit report says and, if there are any errors, correct them as soon as possible. Even if your credit report accurately shows some late payments, there are ways to work to clean those up as well. A credit report that is as clean as possible will not only help you qualify for the loan you want, but also can save you tens of thousands of dollars in interest.

We will cover the criteria to consider when shopping for a mortgage lender. We will review how to make the banks and mortgage brokers vie for your business to ensure you receive the most competitive rate possible. You will learn what documents you need to prepare for your loan application, what kind of mortgage loan best fits your financial situation and lifestyle choices, and what fees and charges you should not have to pay when taking out a mortgage. Knowing these answers can save you thousands of dollars in interest charges and unnecessary mortgage loan fees.

Unfortunately, many believe their real estate agent works for them, and in most cases, that is not true. Learn what questions to ask a potential agent you are interviewing, and how to choose the one that will work hard in your behalf. Learn how to take charge of your search and ensure you get the house you want.

You will learn what to look for in a neighborhood, which is far more than how nice the houses look, and how to evaluate criteria that will result in your being confident you chose the right location, which is as critical to your satisfaction and happiness as choosing the right house. You will discover all the important criteria for evaluating a neighborhood: proximity to shopping and transportation (toll roads, freeways, and public transportation); cultural and sporting venues; utility coverage; crime statistics; home appreciation; property and sales tax rates and more, so you can avoid buying the right house in the wrong neighborhood and regretting one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.

Learn where investors look to buy their investment properties, and where and how they buy at tens of thousands below the market. Just learning these techniques alone can save you tens of thousands of dollars on your next home purchase.

Learn what professional real estate investors see when they walk into a house. You will discover how to evaluate the foundation, the structural integrity, the quality of craftsmanship of the home, and what the seller does not want you to find out. While viewing the home, you will learn how to decide what you can live with—and what you cannot live without—leading you to make the best purchase decision for you long term.

Learn why you will want to engage a professional home inspector before you place your first offer. Understanding everything that is required to be repaired gives you additional ammunition during your contract negotiations, and it might prevent you from wasting your time working on a home you should walk away from.

Learn how you can save thousands of dollars on the purchase of your next home by negotiating a purchase contract the way professional real estate investors do.

We will walk through the timeline and checklist of everything required when planning the move into your new home. By working with the timeline and checklist, your move will go as smoothly and pain free as possible, allowing you to enjoy your new home without the hassle normally associated with moving.

The last step is to make sure everyone is prepared to close on the home at the appointed time. We will share with you the checklist of everything required to happen that critical day, and how you can work to prevent any errors and mistakes. You will be completely prepared to go confidently to your closing, knowing you are buying the right house for the right price, and ready to celebrate as soon as it is yours. Our goal at Owner Finance Homes is that you buy the right house for the right price in the right neighborhood for you. When you are finished with this process, we want you to celebrate making all the best decisions, saving thousands off what a buyer would normally pay, and looking forward to years of happiness in your new home.

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